In 1992, Julien Heylen started his business for milling work. Two years later, the company had already grown that much, that on April 15, 1994, the step towards an N.V. or S.A. was made. Heylen nv was founded. In the meantime, the personnel base had expanded up to 3 coworkers at Julien's side.

During the first years, we worked in a conventional way. In 1997, the first CNC machine was purchased and some 20 years later, the machine park has expanded up to 8 CNC milling centers, 2 CNC turning centers, 3 wire EDM (electrical discharge machining) machines and 1 sinker EDM machine. The future will most likely bring 3D printing and five-axis machining centers.

Automotive is one of the more important business sectors for Heylen nv. A lot of parts for ABS breaking systems are made, as well as wiring for cars and windshield wipers. We also focus on automation on a small scale.

With Julien leading Heylen nv, the company has specialized itself in the manufacturing of high quality machine and precision parts. We strive continuously to offer products of high quality at the perfect price with reliable delivery and an open policy.

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